The Effects Of Prenatal Substance Abuse On Women

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It is crucial for a woman to maintain a good health throughout the whole pregnancy stage. Not only for her sake but also for the well-being of the yet to be born baby. Anything that is consumed during a pregnancy will affect both the mother and the growing fetus (child). Once a woman gets pregnant it is recommended that she changes her eating habits, exercise, the regular visit to the doctor office and make the changes that are needed for a healthy pregnancy. Most importantly, a pregnant woman should always avoid substances abuse because of the threat that they pose.
Substance abuse is a problem that exist all over the world, it’s affecting men, women, and children from all society level. Prenatal substance abuse remains a major problem in the United States and poses important health risk for a growing baby (Behnke & Smith, 2013). Treatment 4 addiction (T4a) mentioned approximately 2 to 3% of birth deficiency are the consequences of using other drugs than alcohol. Drug and alcohol or any other substances are recognized to have dangerous effect on the fetus. All drugs that that cross the placenta have somehow affected the fetus (Behnke & Smith, 2013).
Drug abuse can be harmful due to the fact that the placenta connect the mother to the child. Therefore, everything the mother take in her body will be shared with the growing child. If the mother uses a drug the child will be affected by it. At this stage, the baby (fetus) is very delicate to drugs and cannot remove drugs successfully as the mother is able to. Consequently, all the chemical can pile up to very extreme levels in the child’s system and can also cause damages that will last a lifetime. The effect of perinatal drugs use are influenced by the stage of development of the ...

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...ormation on the disability that will expand their knowledge. They will be able to come up with better instructional method and strategies to teach these students. Since, they have a better understanding of the disability.
As you can see, drug and alcohol use during pregnancy can be very dangerous. It can affect the baby size, different parts of the body, and also causes learning, emotional and physical problem that may last a lifetime. Lingen (2012) reported that pregnancy can alter how the body deals with drugs, making some drugs even more dangerous to both the mother and the baby. Prevention for alcohol abuse must start in school educational programs, they must be created to primarily address toward high risk individuals and groups. Later, a motivational intervention to decrease the danger of an alcohol-exposed pregnancy in women (Ornoy & Ergaz, 2010).
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