The Importance Of Grit And Cognitive Ability Play A Role On Hiring Decisions That Are Made For Candidates?

The Importance Of Grit And Cognitive Ability Play A Role On Hiring Decisions That Are Made For Candidates?

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The conducted analyses suggest that grit and cognitive ability play a role in the hiring decisions that are made for candidates. Hypothesis 1 indicated that candidates hiring decision would be positively influenced by the grit assessment with a higher score demonstrating more favorable results when compared to the average score. Preliminary correlations support a positive relationship indicating that the higher grit scores were related with higher hiring decision scores. Further analyses supported that grit assessment scores play a large role in the hiring decisions that decision makers conclude. Results suggest support that the difference between the scores for the average candidate and the high scoring candidate was significant and that the hiring average was higher for individuals with a higher score. Hypothesis 2 examined whether a high score on a cognitive ability assessment would indicate a higher hiring decision score. Preliminary analysis did suggest a significant positive relationship when comparing an above average score and an average score with the hiring decision scores. The candidate with a higher score received higher hiring decision scores when compared with the average scoring candidate. Further analysis demonstrated that the difference between the above average scoring candidate and average scoring candidate was significantly different. Further examination demonstrated that individuals with a higher cognitive ability were receiving higher hiring recommendations than their lower scoring counterparts (M=, SD=, M=, SD= ) respectively. Furthermore, when examining the predicted types of performance for the candidate, results demonstrated that a higher grit score was found to lead to a both task and contextual perform...

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... protect against the effects of this effect is by using the same resume for each candidate. By holding the resume constant, using the same resume, the variance in answers should have been due to the variables that were manipulated rather than the resume effects.
Understanding selection decision-makers attribution process and evaluation of candidate’s pre-hire materials may have significant implications for organizations. Past research has examined personality embedded characteristics demonstrated in resumes and how those impact the perceptions that recruiters have about their candidates (Cole et al., 2008). Research demonstrates that hiring decision makers infer meaning from the pre-selection materials they receive, if they are not correctly inferring meaning about one’s performance then this could impact the decisions that are made (Cole, et al., 2008).

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