The Importance Of Getting A College Education Essay

The Importance Of Getting A College Education Essay

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What is the purpose of getting a college education? The purpose of getting my college education is that I want to take advantage of the opportunity that I have, one that many people don’t. Also, I want to make my family proud of being the first person in my family to graduate college. Another reason why I am getting my college education is to get the career I need to be able to take care and support my family. Education provides what I need to start succeeding for my future, it can give me the tools in need for my career, and help me get through life as an adult.
This generation of youth take the education system for granted, most youngsters have the opportunity to spend their whole childhood going to school to learn as much they can and try to receive the best future they can get, which is what I want to do. But there are students who have all that but for some reason don’t want it, they rather skip school, play games instead of doing homework, and not even try to graduate. Those type of students obviously takes their education for granted and do not care about their future. On the other hand, there are people like Frederick Douglass who was born to be a slave and the system was made for him to fail, forcing him to know nothing his whole life. He was born not able to learn how to read or write, because “a nigger should know nothing but to obey his master- to do as he is told to do,”(pg 67) but when he received a chance to learn how to read and write he took advantage of it, he was barely taught anything but he took what he learn and worked hard on it. Frederick Douglass turned out to be one of the most accomplished African-American in history. If Frederick Douglass can do that with all the odds stacked against him, why can’t I ...

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...“Concern for humanization leads at once to the recognition of dehumanization.”(pg 1) I feel that I am unhelpful and that I do not matter because I cannot help them buy a house. That is why I want to get a college education and the career that I want so I can take care of my family and buy them a house.
Children of America take our education system for granted one that they should be thankful for. Many children in countries that are poor and not as advanced as we are, don 't get the privilege of having a good education system. Kids in those countries don’t get the chance to become a someone in life, they are forced into the work that their parents have, and that 's the only things that they know how to do. That 's why I want to take advantage of the blessing that I have, I am going to graduate college and get somewhere in life, and I plan on making my family proud.

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