The Importance Of An Effective Education Essay

The Importance Of An Effective Education Essay

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A cursed yet much-frequented place, a prison without bars, an ideal learning environment that turned into the epitome of boredom: School. Students, the future generation, are inheriting a complex world marked by globalization, technological and scientific milestones bundled together with crises such as terrorism, recessions and strained resources. The importance of an effective education cannot be overstated. Advocates of reform and policymakers around the world have expressed the value of creative, innovative teaching to ensure a future generation of skilled thinkers and doers. Current schools are characterized by, but not limited to, their inflexible national curricula and standardized testing, which creates an ineffective learning environment for the development of creative thinkers.

With standardized testing and a national curriculum dictating the content of classes, little room is left for creative learning. According to Sir Robinson, schools are industrialized places fostering conformity and not individuality or creativity. They resemble “manufacturing processes” (Baer 2016). Historical roots of modern schooling confirm this phenomenon. The late 18th century Prussia, where modern schooling was developed, serves as the stepping-stone for the reforming, industrializing and growing socio-economic environment. Since then, classrooms of the “Prussian-factory” model have remained alike with designs that place students in rows, for easy silencing and control. Depersonalized, uniformed indoctrination of students who, to a large extent, would become factory laborer (Meshchaninov 2012). In a similar environment, centuries later, students are being deprived of empowerment and critical, creative thinking.
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... arts won 't be enough (Shepherd 2009).

It is clear that current schools are an ineffective learning environment for the development of creative thinkers. Inflexible national curricula and standardized testing are only a few of the restrictive and constrictive aspects that make up our current education system. Within this paper, a few common, international flaws of education have been selected. The argument could have benefited from a case analysis of a Scandinavian country, which in the past has shown the courage and ability to integrate more flexibility into its education system. Further research would be beneficial to determine the effects of interactive technology on the classrooms of tomorrow. The future of education demands moving away from rigid, depersonalized teaching towards exploring and empowering the vast diversity and creativity of children 's minds.

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