The Importance Of A Student Understanding The Material, Studying The Proper Way, And Working Hard

The Importance Of A Student Understanding The Material, Studying The Proper Way, And Working Hard

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Metacognition is a student understanding the material, studying the proper way, and working hard. A good way is by studying productive, focusing, and quietly without getting distracted. A student must read carefully, review, write down questions to discuss with a class mate or professor during the lecture. Is just a good way to succeed, and shows that the student wants to learn because at the end of the day he or she will receive the grade not the professor. All we need to do is put our time and effort, so that we can learn to get through life.
Many student can have poor metacognition by not studying as much, and use bad strategies. For example, a bad strategy is by re-reading, skimming the page, highlighting inappropriate information, and study at the last minute. Also students tend to multitask while studying, but is a bad way. While multitasking our brain is not focusing because our mind is somewhere else, and not on the topic. For instance, poor metacognition has hurt academic success because now days there is so many smart phones, social media, and so many distractions while in school or outside of school. I believe that smart phones are taking over our life, education, and children are taking control of. Many students think that they can multitask but they are wrong because it’s not a good way to develop accurate metacognition. Multitasking has shown that is not as effective because students take longer to complete the homework. However, the brain is force to pause and refocused continuously as one switches between tasks.

Moreover, when we check for shallow we are checking for the E, and deep we are checking for pleasant. A way to think about it shallow is like a fixed mindset, and deep processing is like a growth mindse...

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.... Chew. I feel like every negative thing he said it related to my life. I was the type of student that borrow notes, do not engage, highlight most of the book, and do not bother going to my professor office hours. That is the reason why I want to change, and do not want to be a C student anymore because I want to be an A student.
In conclusion, I’m willing to implement some changes because I do not want to waste my money, time, and effort. I feel like I been too long at Pasadena City College, for not studying properly, and I want to make sure that things are going to change this year and this semester. These changes that I’m going to make is for my son because I want to graduate, and be a good role model. My goal is to get out of Pasadena City College and transfer out to Cal State LA; so therefore, my focuses will be towards my education, and eliminate distractions.

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