The Importance Of A Liberal Arts Education

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After experiencing my first semester at a liberal arts university, and learning the significance of it, I have realized how important having a liberal arts education is. I believe it is beneficial to have a liberal arts education contrary to a school in which you only study courses for your major. Whether you majoring in business, education, history, or any other field, a liberal arts education will impact your ability to take on any of these careers. Experiencing a liberal arts college or university will allow students to acquire life needed work skills. Here at Niagara University, we are required to take religion. Studying religion I something we all as members of a society can benefit from. In “Worshiping in Ignorance”, Stephen Prothero suggests that all undergraduates should be required to take religious-studies, because without it we are not able to make claims or act as experts (6). As mentioned in “The Learning Students Need for the 21st Century” by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, “all students will need to be nimble thinkers and creative problem solvers” (24). By taking a variety of liberal arts classes, we gain understanding on different perspectives of the world and people around us, and we will be prepared to take on a variety of different job fields. The purpose of an education is to provide a foundation for how to live life. I feel that a liberal arts education not only allows you to study your major, but teaches you how to grow and learn in other subjects, giving students a foundation to succeed. Others may disagree with this way of learning in college and say that it is more beneficial to attend a college or school that only focuses on your major, or future job. For example, someone who ... ... middle of paper ... ...s to smart actions, which will lead to achievement and happiness. Therefore, an arts education may help you perceive your weaknesses, become a better citizen, and become an all-around better human being. A liberal arts education will equip you to participate effectively in your community. It teaches us skills and abilities that are needed in the world we live in today with technology growing rapidly, and the environmental issues we deal with. No matter where we end up in life, our background, knowledge, and where we came from will always affect us. Evidently, a liberal arts education not only teaches us long life skills and information, but gives us the experience we need to become members of the society, workforce and world. I am pleased that I am currently learning at a liberal arts university because I believe it is useful to have this type of education.
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