Importance Of Liberal Arts Degree

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The next important notion that should be considered before pursuing a degree in higher education is the value of the degree. It is crucial to understand what your degree will be worth after you graduate before you spend the time and effort to earn the degree. The reason for this is due to the idea of supply and demand. For example, the more students that attend college to achieve a Bachelor of Arts degree, the less the degree is actually worth in the real world. This is because the degree has become so common that it loses its significance. “Employers do not even interview applicants who do not hold a Bachelor of Arts degree. Employers do not value what the student learned, just that the student has a degree,” (245), says Charles Murray, author…show more content…
One degree that Sanford J. Ungar, author of “The New Liberal Arts,” believes is very influential is a liberal arts degree. Sanford states that, “a growing number of corporations are headed by people with liberal-arts degrees” (228). He also states that, “more than three-quarters of our nation’s employers recommend that collegebound students pursue a liberal education” (228). This exhibits Sanford’s belief that liberal arts degrees are very valuable to one’s career field. Not only are liberal arts degrees valuable in one career field, but they also allow graduates to pursue a number of careers without being stuck to one set career path. Although liberal arts degrees can be very beneficial to a college student’s future career, “A large proportion of people who are theoretically able to absorb a liberal education have no interest in doing so” (240), states Charles Murray. One reason for this is because a liberal education may not entail the specific skills that a student is looking to gain when pursuing a future career. Rather a liberal arts degree focuses on enabling the student to think outside of the box to recreate the world around
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