Analysis Of A Student's Guide To Liberal Learning

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James V. Schall’s, “A Student’s Guide to Liberal Learning” wants us to understand that the nature of the universe gives us opportunities for different things. He addresses that the universe allows us to gain new knowledge in any place that we might be. In Schall’s “A Student’s Guide to Liberal Learning,” he mentions “one that is capable of altering us to intellectual riches that are almost never found in universities or in the popular culture.” From this I understood that the universe always gives opportunities to acquire and learn new knowledge. The universe allows us to learn different things. For example, things that might be facts or simply random things that are interesting.
Another example, Schall states that the universe gives us new
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If human beings are true to themselves, they will be able to understand what information they acquire is the truth and they will be happy. Schall’s “A Student’s Guide to Liberal Learning,” mentions “not to lie to ourselves in our own souls about ourselves, to describe accurately the real results of our choices and deeds, not to be blind to the results of our errors, sins, and defects.” I understood that in order for humans to be happy they need to know the truth in the knowledge that they acquire by the use of their thought process. This will develop their minds and minimize their “errors, sins, and defects.”
Correspondingly, Schall’s “A Student’s Guide to Liberal Learning” also illustrates that in order to be happy, human beings also need to understand that the truth is something that is important in a human beings life so it can accomplish to be happy. In “A Student’s Guide to Liberal Learning” he says, “the truth will not only “make us free” but it is itself free.” I understood that once humans are able to find the truth in what the universe gives us, not only will human beings be able to be happy, but they will also be able to be
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