Implementing Multicultural Education Into the Curriculum

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The world is currently going through a cultural shift. This shift is one that will not only impact the people in the nation, but will also impact the way that education is viewed. The constant struggle for diverse teaching in the classroom proves that these reforms will ultimately a standard in the classroom as a whole. There is no question that America’s classrooms must be prepared to embrace the diversity that is bound to happen. However, it is important that teachers are prepared to address this challenge.
In-service teachers must be prepared to address the effect that diversity is presently having in the classrooms. Nevertheless, these teachers must be given the tools to help develop a culturally responsive class. This includes providing in-service teachers with ongoing training and evaluation that can help then to achieve this. Pre-service teachers are in a better position for being prepared for diverse learners. Teacher education programs must be ready to provide these future teachers with a program that will teach them to create a class that focuses on multicultural education. The OECD notes that “although teaching diversity is challenging, children everywhere deserve the best efforts and investments imaginable, as well as the instructional benefits of receiving high quality, relevant and empowering education” (273).
There is no doubt that problems exists in the concept of multicultural education. This should not deter teachers from attempting to implement it into their curriculum. Teacher can help to develop the understanding of multicultural education as researchers continue to review and learn about the implications of it. Despite the critical views of educating teachers for diversity, there has been a great stride by many educators to help this reform, and although there are some teacher who still fear there is no uncertainty of the benefits that it has for all students.

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