Essay on The Impacts of Occupational Stress

Essay on The Impacts of Occupational Stress

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Work place or occupational stress refers to any form of restrain that is experienced when there is no match between job demands and the output of the worker. The article ‘Occupational stress’ aims at showing ways in which stress people get from their work place affect them and what causes the stress. This condition may encompass many conditions that include maladaptive behavior, psychological disorders, cognitive impairment, as well as emotional strain. These conditions lead to poor performances at work, injuries, or biological reactions that in turn may compromise the health of the employee.
Occupational stress is an expensive problem and is prevalent in work places nowadays since a third of employees are reported to have high levels of stress; three fourths believe that there are more on the job stress than previous generations while the other one fourth see their job as a cause of stress in their life. The article highlights some of the symptoms of on-job stress as increased isolation with others, suicidal thoughts, loss of interest in work, anxiety, workaholic tendencies, impatience among other things.
Occupational stress is strongly associated with health complains more than financial or family problems. Psychological demanding jobs that allow the workers little control on the process of work increase risks of cardiovascular disease, job stress also increases the risk of back and upper musculoskeletal disorders. The article shows that the employees who have high stress levels have a substantial health service utilization.
It also shows that there is a relationship between mental health and unpleasant ...

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...s reduce cases of burnout. Stress interventions are also good in reduction of physiological and psychological stress. Individual aspects such as appraisal- based coping strategies that involve an individual interpretation of those things that are or are not stress inducers. Problem-based coping that allows an individual focus on the cause of stress thus a reduction in stress levels. Social support is also necessary and it entails creation of an organizationally supportive environment and ensuring that the workers have a supportive work environment that they can counter the negative effects of stress and burnout.

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