Job Burnout Essay

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The workplace in general is an essential part of a person’s life to make a living. People will work over a third of their life to fulfil needs such as bill, groceries, and personal needs. For majority of the population, there isn’t much of a problem when they are at work; their manager treats everyone fairly, pay rate is adequate, and they keep their private and public work separate from each other. The rest of the population unfortunately don’t have this fortune. Pay rates vary among colleagues, managers aren’t effective leaders, and the private life might become public in the workforce. This can lead to stress outside the workplace which can be harmful towards an individual’s health. This problem is an epidemic for some companies and poor…show more content…
The lack of satisfaction could also cause job burnout, which is exhaustion from work that causes resignations in some cases. Some of the factors that can cause job burnout is lack of control, mismatch in value, and unclear work expectations (Job burnout: How to spot it and take action, 2015). Lack of control is the inability to influence decisions that mainly affect your job (Job burnout: How to spot it and take action, 2015). If a person sees that everyone around them is getting a pay raise, it might put them in a lack of control mentality. They would believe that their hard work is being unnoticed, hence lowering their satisfaction and causing burnout in their job. Mismatch in value is when values differ in the workplace when it comes to handling business decisions (Job burnout: How to spot it and take action, 2015). This happens frequently with certain companies. If an employer disagrees with their manager about salary and both parties disagree on certain points, this form of burnout occurs. Unclear work expectations is the uncertainty of authority with supervisors (Job burnout: How to spot it and take action, 2015). This could prevent a person from asking questions about their salary because of the possible approach of supervisor. These forms of burnout due to salary can be very harmful towards somebody, and usually that person would
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