The Importance Of Stress In Daily Life

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As adults, life can be very stressful. Stress can lead to many different outcomes either good or bad. Stress is something that every adult goes through in life. It is just part of our lives and something we must adjust to and find a way to management it. Just about anything can stress people out whether they can fix it or not because we are humans, and that is the way we live our lives. Many people have a lot of different things going on in life and that is why stress can have a different meaning to certain people due to their certain conditions. As many adults continue to deal with stress, many know that stress is undeniable. Financial security, daily jobs, family, and relationships are part of life and just few of many stresses that adults…show more content…
One reason is because it can be easy to get behind on work. By getting behind on work can cause job insecurity which can also be stressful as well. A person not knowing their job future can be very stressful because that job is more than likely their only income and if they lose that income it is hard to support the family. Other reasons for stress such as long work hours and boring work can be stressful at a daily job too. By having both long work hours and boring work it can increase the chance of someone becoming depressed. In fact, the main reason why most people become stressed is mainly because they were in a state of stress at some point. Stress is triggered by many different things including change. Change can be stressful to people because it is hard to have to learn new things and adapt to a newer environment. Change is something everyone must get used to, but it is something that can always be stressful. But with change, there can also be positives to the new situation (Types of Stressors Eustress Vs.…show more content…
Due to recent research on stress, it has shown that stress can be good for the body’s immune system. Having a good, strong immune system is very important to the body because it helps fight off sickness. Stress can also help with the brain. Some researchers say that by having stress, the brain can go through temporal boost in memory which can help with learning abilities (Department of Health & Human Services). By temporarily improving learning abilities, it can allow that person to become motivated to succeed with the task in hand. With stress, people can also accomplish their tasks more efficiently. This is because they have so much on their mind they need to get done and they do it with a since of urgency. Stress has both positive and negative situations depending on how it is looked at, but it can have positives in the end (5 Weird Ways Stress Can Actually Be Good for
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