The Impact of the Environment on Health Essay

The Impact of the Environment on Health Essay

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Environmental health is the science that studies how the environment influences the human disease and health. Environment means things that are natural to us in the environment, for instance air, water, and soil. However, it also covers the physical, chemical, biological, and social features that surround us every day.
The physical environment is the man-made or built structures that include our living, work, and even schools. Included in the community systems such as the roads and our transportations, and waste management. However, the alterations such as air pollution to our natural environment, is included in the physical section. The social environment is our social lifestyles like diet, exercise, socioeconomic status and many other factors that will affect our health. (DEPA (1996): "Chemicals – Status and Perspectives. Excerpts from a discussion paper from DEPA, English Summary and List of Undesirable Substances".)
The interaction of a human’s genetics will affect the balance of their environment with disease and health. Genetics play an important role on the environment, because of the trigger that reacts to disease. However, gender and age may also affect the interaction with the genetics and environment. The populations are at an increased risk for many diseases with the environmental components, which may include cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and there are many more diseases or conditions out there.
Air quality influences our health and environment. Protecting the public and the environment should be a primary goal of the environmental regulation. There are six pollutants are carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter [PM], ozone, and sulfur dioxide. These are very harm...

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...ed from the environment. I do realize funding will have an impact for this, but we need to be healthy so we can live a healthy life. We can do many things ourselves to protect us from the environment however, we can only do so much. We need further help from scientific studies and hypothesis to protect our health from the damaging environment.

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