The Impact of Technology on Adolescent Development Essay

The Impact of Technology on Adolescent Development Essay

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Technology is quickly becoming one of the most utilized resources used by man today. It is not only advancing at an exponential rate, but is also being personified throughout numerous domains across our society. The world we live in today is radically different than the world wenty years ago. That being said, investigating and analyzing the way technology currently affects human development is an area of study that would be of great value. Specifically, we believe concluding implications are the key to gaining an understanding of the present and future development of humans. Through an evolutionary-developmental lens, we will discuss how technology has shown to impact the way infants and young children interact (i.e. socially, and cognitively). Likewise, the same framework will be used to discuss the way technology impacts the development of adolescents and young adults. Finally, the current literature will also address the technological influence on the social and cognitive development of older adults.
The advancement in technology has a developmental impact on infants and young children. Specifically, the impacts of technology can be seen in the social, cognitive, and evolutionary-developmental perspectives. The amount of exposure that infants and young children have to technology has been increasing exponentially over the years. Data reveals that children under 24 months of age have limited access to technological devices due to their limited motor functioning (CITE). Children do not have sufficient haptic ability, and have deficient control over their physiological movement. Despite this, children between the ages of 3 and 5 start to gain motor development, affording the opportunity to interact with the digital world (CITE)...

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...ated social support, older adults, and coping. Journal of Communication, 50(30).

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72% of the most popular itunes educational apps are targeted specifically towards a much younger audience (pre-school). World that we live in today markets towards a much younger audience


Hill, D. (n.d.). Retrieved From ages/Why-to-Avoid-TV-Before-Age-2.aspx

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