The Physical, Social, and Cultural Development of Children

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“I best be careful, they grow up way too fast.” “It could not possibly be my child’s tenth birthday; it feels like they were two years old just last year.” “Wow, you cannot have grown six inches from last year.” These are three statements that might travel through parents’ mind occasionally as they rear their children from birth until adulthood. However, these thoughts are not literally meaning their children are growing up faster than normal; rather, their children are aging normally, it just seems as if time has passed hastily. What if parents knew their children were maturing intellectually, socially, and physically more rapid? There is proof that children are more physically, intellectually, and socially advanced than in previous decades although they are not emotionally advanced than other generations. As well, children’s lives seem busier, and parents are driving their children to be the best. These advancements in development, a tight family schedule, and parents’ impetus for a successful child are all increasing trends of today’s society and generations.

The early maturity of physical development in children can be broken into two categories: early advancement of motor skills and precocious puberty. A child’s fine and gross motor skills can become fine tuned because of the growing popularity of youth athletics and physical health programs. The United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals states that “sport has the natural ability to draw on, develop, and showcase individual strengths and capacities.” It also mentions that sports enhance physical growth and development while simultaneously enhancing psychosocial health and development (“Sport for Development”). Programs like S.M.A.R.T., Sports Management, Academics, and ...

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...mon for today’s generation.

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