Toys and Child Development

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When I started on this paper I figured all the information I would find out is knowledge I would already know of on this subject, but then I actually found out more new information than I already knew. One day in late November Hayden and I were joking around with Evan and he said a very interesting thing that I will never have guessed he would ever say again. He said, “I just got out of the hospital” we asked why and he said, “Because of my depression.” I never knew even had struggled with depression until he told us he did. So I had to find out if the over use of video games led to his depression. The first question I asked him was when did you first start playing video games, and he answered, “I started playing video games when I was in kindergarten it was on my Nintendo 64 playing Frogger. I asked him besides sleeping and at school at what percentage do you play video games he replied, “65%.” I also went on to ask him if he knew that playing to many video games leads to aggression and depression and if he thought this is why he has been diagnosed with depression. He answered yes to both of these questions. Because of this story it made me think, does certain toys create problems in a child’s future development?
The origin of the word toy is uncertain but according to Harper, in 1300 a toy is meant t0 be an “amorous playing, sport later piece of fun or entertainment.” Today’s definition is an “object of a representation of something familiar, as an animal or person, for children to play with.” The definition of a toy doesn’t say a very fancy and shiny electronic device that effects a child’s development. The exact time of when toys were created on Earth is unknown due to the fact that we as humans haven’t been around for a ver...

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