The Impact of Solar Energy Technologies in China Essay

The Impact of Solar Energy Technologies in China Essay

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One of the issues that has a significant influence on sustainable economic and social development is energy. The utilization of energy results in climate change owing to its impact on environment by greenhouse gas emissions. This is resulted from the convention of using oil, gas, and coal that emit CO2, NOx and other poisoning substances into the air. The national strategy of China is to reduce this pollution by replacing fossil fuels with alternative energy such as wind, nuclear, geothermal, hydropower or solar energy. (Zhen 2008). Qian and Ling state that Northwest China is an ideal place to develop solar energy, the energy used by absorption of sun radiation, because there is a very wide access to sun heating, which is about 2000 hours a year. (Qian and Ling 1998). However, since there is a very little support from science, government and market, that fact causes the main difficulties to popularize this energy. Despite high prices some of the solar energy technologies have been already installed, and after several years’ costs decreasing the economic growth enables China to achieve the highest level of solar energy development in the world in 10 years.(Bullis 2010, 53). Although there are many useful and perspective features of applying solar energy technologies, the purpose of this study is to analyze advantages and disadvantages of the impact of solar energy and using these technologies on environment and economy in China. Firstly, there will be discussed the role of solar energy in environmental, socio-economical, and political issues. Then several kinds of solar energy technologies and their application will be demonstrated and analyzed. Finally, the answer for the question whether China should spread the development of the...

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