Developing Solar Power in Canada

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Solar power in Canada is gaining attention to many people. You will be informed about what solar energy is and how it works, the environmental impacts of solar energy, why you should care about it and what you and others can do to help promote it. You will have a better understanding of solar energy and why you should take the switch. Overview The amount of solar energy you consume depends on where you live, how you live, transportation and the climate. Canada has an abundance of renewable resources, including solar energy. The province with the highest development of solar resources is British Columbia. Quebec, southern Ontario and the Prairies are where you will find the most solar power. The amount of solar energy found in any place in Canada will depend on the season, latitude, weather conditions and the time of the day. For example, in the territories it is harder to produce solar energy because of latitude. Less sunlight reaches the territories compared to other places in Canada like Ontario. Many sparsely populated areas use solar energy because they are far from power lines. Now that you know a bit of information on solar energy in Canada, I can explain what solar energy is. Solar energy is energy taken from the light that reaches earth's surface from the sun. There are four different kinds of solar energy, which are active solar systems, passive solar systems, photovoltaic cells and concentrating power systems. An active solar systems is a system that captures solar energy by mechanical means. Common active solar systems are often in buildings or homes. Some examples are roof collectors and water heating. Low Intensity and high variability have limited the use of active solar energy in Canada. A pass... ... middle of paper ... Scanlan, L. (2001, May/June) Solar Power: Power Switch. Canadian Geographic Retrieved from Solar Power in Canada (2002-2014) Retrieved from Sun Shower (n.d.) Retrieved from Table 358-0214 (n.d.) Retrieved from Vancouver Sun. (2006) Solar Power Development Gathers Energy Around the World. Vancouver Sun. Retrieved from Wearing, J. (2012, June) Research: Solar Panels for All Seasons. Canadian Geographic Retrieved from

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