Solar Power: The Future of Energy

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I am certain that all have heard of the terms green house gases, fossil fuels, and global warming. Have you ever questioned what will happen if nothing is done about the environmental problems facing the world today? What if I answer you that, we can merely use the power from the sun to power up our entire planet without the use of harmful energy sources, which affect our atmosphere? The power from the sun is what we call solar power. Solar power is the energy that comes from the sun as light and heat energy, and then it is later converted into electrical energy through solar panels (Nelson, 2008). This kind of power is completely free, right? Why should we put a lot of expense on other sources of energy, when there is a complete free and healthy power? It is evident that solar energy is a healthy source of energy, which will help stop global warming all together, but it is economically efficient to switch everything to solar energy. Solar energy is capable of becoming the world's future power supply because, it is renewable, eco-friendly, and extremely efficient when strategically placed. Solar energy is clean energy that does not affect our environment. Solar power utilizes the sun’s energy to produce electricity, unlike other sources of energy, which rely on continual mining for raw materials. Consequently, producing solar energy from the heat from the sun does not result into the annihilation of the ecosystem, compared to the extraction of fossil fuels (Bode, 2005). Therefore, with the use of solar energy, it will help keep the environment clean, thus help to combat the issue of global warming, which is a threat to the world’s ecosystem worldwide. The use of solar energy will help save the worlds vegetation, and help prev... ... middle of paper ... ...t is readily available to us freely. The sunlight and heat will always be available to us because, it is a non-extinguishing resource and so, let us make use of it. With all these points made, there is no question that, solar energy is capable of becoming the world's future power supply. Works Cited Venables, M. (2008), “Bring me sunshine [Solar energy].” Engineering and Technology Vol. 3 Issue 14, 56-58. Zweibel, K. (1990). Harnessing Solar Power: The Photovoltaics Challenge, Plenum Press, New York and London. Nelson, V. (2008). Introduction to Renewable Energy. Chicago: Springer. Bode, H. (2005). Sustainable Development and Innovation in the Energy Sector. New York: Amherst International. Hans, R. (2012). Alternative Energy. Chicago. HillCrest Publishers Ltd. Demirbas, A. (2008). Solar Energy: A Realistic Fuel Alternative for Tomorrow. Chicago: Springer.
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