The Benefits Of Solar Energy: The Future Of Solar Energy

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The drastically increasing prices of fossil fuel and gasoline are making it harder for us to afford it. The fossil fuel is a natural resource which is reducing the supply of our reserves every second. It is one of the main sources for spreading pollution and global warming which is affecting our health as well as our environment. Solar energy is a suitable replacement of fossil fuel in term of green environment, recyclable, affordability and long lasting. Although, there are still many issues with solar energy which needs to be solved, but its availability far exceeds any conceivable future energy demands. A number of benefits could be gained from solar energy which includes dishes that concentrate the sun rays to heat fluid which drives engine and produce power. The installation of solar energy panel is very convenient and it could be attached on the roof of the car and building or any surface which has direct access to sun light in order to generate cheap and affordable electricity. Most of the commercial solar cells are made up of silicon which converts sunlight into electrici...

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