Impact Of Cold War On Iran Iraq War Essay

Impact Of Cold War On Iran Iraq War Essay

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Impact of Cold War on Iran-Iraq War
The Iran- Iraq War was the prolonged war from 1980 to 1988 between two nations, Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Iraq. This competitive rivalry between Iraq and Iran goes back to the days of the Ottoman Turkish empire and the Persian empire. “From the 1920s onwards the nominally independent states of Iraq and Iran sustained historically animosities in changed circumstances, at first still under the direct influence of Britain, and later (after 1958) as truly independent countries pursuing their respective national interests”. During the World War I and II, both Iran and Iraq were allies and they were under control of Great Britain and the United States until the Cold War, but eventually they gained their sovereignty after 1958. During 1959, Iraq withdrew from the Western-sponsored Baghdad pact and tried to stay away from the United Nations,“While republican, monarchical Iran, under Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Shah, moved closer to United States”. Though Iran become part of the United Nations and by the help of United States, Shah of Iran was able to take over the economic and governmental system .The war inaugurated in 1980, on the Iranian border region of Khuzestan. This war mainly involved territorial and political disputes between two Muslim nations, Iran and Iraq. Thus, this war is also known as first Persian Gulf War. This war caused tension between the Iranian and Iraqi social and political life, plus it also led to severe and major economic disruptions. This war fulfilled the purpose of various religious schisms, border disputes, and even political disputes. Iraq initiated the war by attacking western Iran in order to seize control of the rich-oil producing area. The Iran-I...

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...t of the Warsaw Pact. However, the United States agreed to give protection to Kuwait and its oil industries by leasing half of its oil tankers. Since the United States already agreed to help Kuwait and by the time they fulfill their agreements with Kuwait so they can prevent Iran forces and Iraq forces to get control over the oil because one way or another Soviet Union might be able to take over the Kuwait oil industry. However, in November 1986, “news had broken that the United States had been secretly selling arms to Iran. In a complex series of transactions, the United States had then routed proceeds of the arms sales to to anti-communist forces in Central America, known as Contras”. The United States involvement in the Middle East impacted the United Nation negatively, plus it become a hot spot in the news, world wide and this fact alone helped the Soviet Union.

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