The War Between Iraq and Iran

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The war between Iraq and Iran initiated in 1980 and it lasted eight years (3). The invasion of Kuwait started on the second of August 1990. There are reasons and consequences for this invasion that I am going to talk about in this essay In 1980 Kuwait, feared the dominance of Persian in the Gulf area had no option but to support Iraq financially and act as a life tube to the Iraqi military (3).Kuwait sent medical supplies to the wounded Iraqi soldiers and food during these eight years (3). At the end of the Persian-Iraq war, Iraq managed to keep its country and pride safe, but suffered greatly both financially and humanly (2). Iraq had a loaded debt and owed nearly $37 billion to the gulf countries in 1990, due the assistance they gave it to Iraq during the Persian-Iraq war (2). The ruler of Iraq Saddam Hussein asked the Gulf countries especially the UAE and Kuwait to abrogate the debt, believing the loans should be looked at as returning the favour for saving the Gulf region from the Iranian expansionism (2). The Iraqi ruler calls was futile as his demands was rejected by the Gulf leaders (2). This resolution led Saddam to threaten Kuwait (2). At darn on the second of August 1990, while all the Kuwaiti citizens were sleeping Iraq entered Kuwait and conquered it with a hundred thousand Iraqi soldiers (2). It took merely hours for the Iraqi force just to invade Kuwait completely (2). The troop started camping in every part of Kuwait territory (3). The United States of America asked Iraq several times to leave Kuwait, but this led to nowhere (1). There are reasons to which led to this dreadful action. The Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein said that the surplus production of the oil is one of the reasons that made me conquer Kuwait, which... ... middle of paper ... ...vasion (4). This operation was under General H. Norman Schwarzkopf commands (4).Thirty four nations decided to ally Kuwait in this operation and giver its full assistance (1). The US led a huge air war against the Iraqi forces to annihilate them completely (4). It also commanded the tanks to proceed towards the enemy camping area and force them to surrender (4). The Iraqi forces sensed the danger they were in and started launching scud missiles at Israel and Saudi Arabia in an attempt to end the coalition (4). The alliance troops entered Kuwait along with the USA troops and cleaned the Kuwaiti streets from the invaders (4). On 26th February 1991 Kuwait was freed from the Iraqi invasion (4). The Kuwaiti people were very happy and they were waving with the Kuwaiti flags as the coalition troops were driving among them. That time was unforgettable to all who witness it.

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