Immigrants : The United States And Its Economy Essay

Immigrants : The United States And Its Economy Essay

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Some Americans think immigrants threaten the United States and its economy. In particular, immigrants from Mexico are presumed to be criminals. However, this untruth states that all immigrants are judge by some Americans as if they know the immigrants. The United States government should give immigrants their rights and they should also see the benefits it would bring to our country like for example the economy would be better, education would go up and the country would have no need to separate families.
When you think about the many rights immigrants would have in the United States, they would have a lot. One of the many benefits the country would have about giving immigrants rights would be that the economy would be so much better. Immigrants would get to pay taxes which would be a big and better difference. Another benefit the country would have would be that many immigrants would start businesses. This businesses would benefit a lot mainly because we would have many more jobs. The United States economy would boost way up and this examples can show you that. If you are not convinced yet on to why giving immigrants rights would benefit the country, you should really look for facts that are actually happening thanks to immigrants. One fact that even the White House agrees on would be that it carefully and clearly states that “Immigrants are our engineers, scientists, and innovators.” This sentence in particular can make anyone really curious due to the fact that it actually comes from the White House. Just imagine what the United States would be like without immigrants; would it be devastating due to the real fact that all immigrants are hard workers who only come here to get better opportunities in life? Would the United Sta...

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... would be that immigrants should not in fact be judged and should get their citizenship rights. I have shown a lot of benefits that would be good for our country and I hope people get to understand what I am trying to say here. If people saw immigrants as people who are trying to have a better life, they would see hard working people who are not at all criminals and they would also see how wrong the government is. No one can tell a human they don’t have the freedom of movement because it is a right that no one can take away from us. The government can’t own the country especially a human’s freedom, the only time the government should own someone 's freedom would be when the person is a criminal who has done something really bad that demonstrates no humanity at all. With enough said, immigrants should live in the United States without getting deported or being judged.

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