Illegal Immigration On The Mexican Border Essay

Illegal Immigration On The Mexican Border Essay

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Immigration has quickly come to the surface as one of the United States’ major problems. More specifically, illegal immigration on the Mexican border. Everyday more and more people sneak across the border in hopes of a better life. Many Americans consider it to be a bad thing, but it is not. In some ways these people do improve our country. People of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds cross the border. Many are women and children looking to start over. About 175,900 immigrants enter the US every year from Mexico. Some things that come along with immigration are border militarization, amnesty, deportation, and the threat of terrorism.
Border militarization is something most Americans find necessary. Border patrol was started in 1924 and still exists today. Since 9/11 border patrol was increased. US Senator Chuck Hagel states, “ "I think we have to be very careful here. That 's not the role of our military. That 's not the role of our national guard... “ Our National Guard is needed for other, much larger threats. The people who are illegally crossing the border are not as much of a threat as say ISIS is. People are killed on the border every day, many are innocent people just looking to escape something much worse. The American government has spent millions of dollars on it, when yet it is not as necessary as other things. As the years go by, the more money we spend on the southern border. Akshat Tewary, an associate attorney, says ““My view is that the country will be wasting billions on border security at a time when federal budgets are already at a breaking point.” The US economy isn’t consistent, so the spending cannot be frugal. The money needs to be spent on more important causes and the Mexican/US is not that.
A la...

... middle of paper ... the jobs that many Americans don’t want. Yet, these jobs are still necessary. How are these people terrorists? They are contributing to our society, improving our economy. They aren’t hurting us, they are helping us, “One main benefit of an illegal immigration has been cheap labors. It makes the economy move smoothly since immigrants will be filling up for a low-wage job.” In a way illegal immigrants are needed to help the United States run.
Illegal immigration is an issue the United States the hopefully one day have a solution. But, right now there are certain things that can be fixed to get on the path of success. Border militarization, amnesty, deportation, and the threat of terrorism are all small issues under the large umbrella. Illegal immigration is not something we should be extremely worried about. It is a fixable issue that is not always a bad thing.

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