If You Hunt Whitetail Deer Essay

If You Hunt Whitetail Deer Essay

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If you hunt whitetail deer with a bow you know just how difficult it can be to just lay eyes on a mature buck let alone harvest one. There is nothing better than time afield for honing the skills to consistently harvest mature deer but articles like this one can help you understand what your are experiencing in the woods. Mature whitetails, bucks as well as does, may act a little differently than younger deer and if you want to target mature whitetails you must approach your scouting as well as hunting a little differently as well.
I chase big bass throughout the warm season and have found that big deer and big bass take a different approach if that is what your after. If you enjoy seeing a lot of deer and some sparring and bucks chasing does all around your stand then by all means continue to enjoy those times but if you want to harvest really mature bucks then you just might have to forgo the multiple deer sightings and activity. There are definitely times when big bucks are out there in the action with the herd but these times, especially during shooting light, can be few and far between. Learning about mature deer can help you harvest those mature whitetails that hang back and approach every movement with caution and with a watchful eye. I hope this article can shed some light on some of your past as well as future experiences afield.
EARLY RUBS: You should begin your scouting early in an attempt to locate the first rubs of the season. Mature bucks almost always make these rubs because their testosterone levels rise sooner than lesser bucks in the area. When you locate good rubs between say September and October, depending on what part of the country you hunt, mark the spot or hang a stand because you are in the living roo...

... middle of paper ...

...d location like the plague.
It 's that time of year so get out there and do some early season scouting. Look for early rubs and scrapes in the thickest part of your hunting ground where the big bucks spend most of their daylight hours. Practice strict scent control procedures and when hunting these bucks in their living room silence becomes as important as scent control. Oftentimes you might only be less than 100 yards from the buck you are hunting. Super thick areas do help deaden sounds and allows for little mistakes but you have to be aware of the sounds that could spook the deer. I think it’s a good idea to hang a stand, before going to your hunting area, just to see how noisy your stand can be. I always pay close attention to what causes the noise and wrap that part or area with tape to eliminate that harsh metal to metal clank that will alert a wary old buck.

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