Persuasive Speech On Deer Hunting

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Topic: Be an Active Hunter in Alabama
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To convince my audience that it is good to be an active hunter in Alabama to prevent overpopulation.
Thesis: The population of white-tail deer in Alabama has drastically increased over the past century causing significant damage to property and homeowners, caused by hunters being less active.
I. White-tail deer are able to survive in various different environments ranging from wide open fields, to thick, mature forests.
A. Alabama is the ideal place for white-tail deer to live because of the variety of vegetation and shelter that this state has to offer.
B. There are many national forests in Alabama as well as farming fields for deer to reside and make their habitat.
C. Since Alabama is such a great place for white-tail deer to exist, they have become overpopulated as well as a nuisance for many people.
II. The best way to control the overpopulation of deer in Alabama is to be an active hunter, which is what I am here to do today.
A. I will talk to you about overpopulation of deer in Alabama, while convincing you why deer hunting is good.
B. Also, the perks of deer hunting.
C. Finally, the opposing views of deer hunting.
Transition: First, I will talk to you about overpopulation, and why it is good to hunt deer.
I. Deer have significantly increased in population over the past century in Alabama mainly because there are less hunters now than there ever has been before.
A. (According to the website, White-tail deer population is up around 2 million in Alabama.
1. There are just under 5 million people in Alabama, for you to get a good comparison of how many deer there really are.
2. Th...

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... was worth paying for the extra hunting license fees.
Transition: In conclusion, now see why overpopulation of deer in Alabama is bad, and why it is good to be a active hunter in Alabama.
I. I hope I have persuaded you enough to become an active hunter, or at least try out hunting at least once.
A. Becoming an active hunter in Alabama is a good thing.
1. It helps control the overpopulation of deer.
2. Being active in hunting also comes with its perks.
3. Lastly, it helps revoke the opposing views of deer hunting, keeping hunting a big hobby of the younger generation.
B. I encourage you to be active in hunting.
1. Don't let hunting in Alabama be a pastime.
2. Don't let people tell you that it is bad to kill deer, because now you know that it is the best thing for the population of deer in Alabama, as well as people who live here.
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