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  • Hunting And Hunting: The Benefits Of Hunting

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    Andrea Beyer Mrs. Taylor PreAP English II 8 April 2014 The Benefits of Hunting Our ancestors had only one way to survive when electricity, plumbing, and farming were not available: hunting. Killing animals for their skin, feathers, bone, and meat was the only way exist. Men spent days in the wilderness tracking beings that could sustain their families for days. The practice is still alive today and has even gained popularity to where competitions are held for hunters. Though they could drive

  • Hunting And Hunting: The Purpose Of Hunting

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    Hunting and hunters have been part of human nature since the beginning of time. Some may argue that it is because of this activity that we have evolved into highly efficient and intellectual animals and thus into a culture. However until recently, animal activist, conservatives and non-hunters have begun to question and criticize the purpose of hunting. Mike Lapierre, Jane Goodall, Ward Clark, and Sharon Levy define their opinion on what hunters and hunting mean to them. The authors discuss the important

  • hunting

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    Hunting has been a necessity for life since the start of time. Hunting was needed to feed family’s day in and day out. But in the twenty first century, Americans have evolved so hunting is not really as big of an obligation as it was in previous generations. Americans have learned to contain specific animals, such as cows, pigs and chickens, farmers then raise them and harvest them for their meat. But in some rural areas of the United States, it is a completely different aspect. Individuals who live

  • hunting

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    Hunting can be an extremely fun activity. It can also be very relaxing. Hunting is a good use of time. The change that settled agricultural existence with peoples need to catch food to survive along with most peoples love of hunting, will hopefully continue into further generations. Hunting offers excitement, tested strength, and also courage ("Longbows") Aboriginal people hunted and trapped animals for uses like shelter, food, clothing or tools. They also traded, trading of pelts dates

  • Hunting

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    between the autumn and winter months is hunting. You are able to shoot and kill animals either for meat to eat, or to sell. The excitement and skill it takes to hunt are varied. There are 4 main types of hunting; Elk, Deer, Turkey, And Waterfowl. The most commonly known hunting is for white-tail deer. It is celebrated as if it were a widespread national holiday all around the world. Let’s start off with the types of gun you can use to hunt. For deer hunting, a .22 caliber rifle is adequate, but isn’t

  • The Benefits Of Hunting And Hunting

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    For many people, hunting is a way of life. I like to consider myself as one of those people. Being brought up around hunters, I quickly grew accustomed to the sport. Hunting white-tailed deer can be enjoyable if you do it correctly. First off, you should know some general rules. In Texas, certain times of the year are set for when you can hunt white-tailed deer. Archery only season starts on October 1, 2016, and ends on November 4, 2016. This means that through those dates, you may hunt with a

  • hunting

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    Tree stands are platform used for hunting from an elevated position/tree, ground blinds are tent like covering used for hunting from low elevations/ground, and both are ways to hunt for animals. Although separated by a height difference, both allow the hunter to be hidden. Each of the two accomplish the task of killing the animal, tree stand from the tops of trees, and ground blinds from the ground. Even though they have the same purpose, tree stands offer a better range of sight, better vantage

  • Meat Hunting Vs. Trophy Hunting

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    Trophy hunting is the unnecessary slaughter of animals universally enjoyed by sportsmen around the world. The roots of trophy hunting can be traced back as early as the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad when Buffalo Bill unjustly killed 4000 buffalo in the span of 18 months. Inversely, meat hunting is the killing of animals in order to use the meat to feed a family. During the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, the Native Americans used this tactic in order for their communities

  • Personal Narrative: Hunting: The Experience Of Hunting

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    my family tradition, the thrill of the hunt, and the reward I was about to take. Many traditions take place often, but mine only happens once month out of a year, November. November is the month that deer season starts with both bow and rifle. Hunting takes a lot of planning and patients. The place I hunt at is near Lamar, MO, but last year was the best by far. During bow season, I took down a doe and rifle season, I

  • The Benefits of Hunting

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    successful hunt. Hunting is a sport that is loved by some, overlooked by many and opposed by few. In the world today the popularity of hunting has declined by an astonishing amount, and now more than ever people are opposing hunting. We as a people cannot let that occur; hunting plays a vital role in our nation because it benefits the economy, conservation efforts, and animal populations. Just like any other sport in America there are people who actively participate in hunting. According to the