Essay about I Will Be Implementing A Four Step Progressive Disciplinary Plan

Essay about I Will Be Implementing A Four Step Progressive Disciplinary Plan

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Lesson #12
1. Quentin works under me, in my department, and he has been exhibiting decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and a negative attitude towards work over the past couple months. To address this issue with Quentin, I will be implementing a four step Progressive Disciplinary Plan. Michael Drafke explains Progressive Discipline as "Many managers employ a form of progressive discipline, an approach that follows the philosophy that the severity of disciplinary measures requiring some degree of punishment should increase each time an employee must be disciplined." (Drafke, Pg 323) Progressive discipline serves two functions, first it provides the employee a series of road markers, telling the employee their actions, in relation to their jobs, has to change and improve, and second, to provide management with documented proof the employee was not performing up to standards, the employee was aware of the problem, and the company gave the employee time to rectify the problem should the need to defend actions by the company be required.
The first step will be a verbal warning. For this, I will meet with Quentin in my office, explain to him the problems I have been seeing, the number of times he has been abesnt from work and the effects of that absenteeism. I will tell Quentin that if there are issues stemming from work, and he would like to discuss them, I am available. I will then document the day and time we spoke. If Quentin has another unplanned absence, or if the quality of his work has not improved over the next 45 days, I will proceed to step two, the written warning.
The second step in the progressive plan is the written warning. If the situation with Quentin has not improved during the following ...

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...tive feelings you get when those goals are attained.
The third technique for Quentin is to employ Contrast. If Quentin is booged down with writing reports, he should take a break and go for a 10 to 15 minute walk. after work, or during the weekend, Quentin should find an enjoyable activity or hobby, something that is fun, engaging and will occupy his mind so he is not obsessing about his work.
The forth technique Quentin should employ is Managing Stress Through Faith. While the tern Faith is largly associated with religion, a person can also direct their faith to more observable elements of their lives, like faith in their country, in humanity, family values or individuals close to the persons heart. Having faith, or the interpeace that although there are problems to be faced, good outcomes will be realized, helps stabilize and secure people to their existance.

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