Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act

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According to our textbook, Public Law 93-247 which is the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), came into effect on January 31, 1974. This law is regards to childhood maltreatment. The law implemented the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. Central agencies needed to be created in each individual state. The central agencies had to have legal authority to investigate and be able to prosecute cases that involved abuse and neglect. The States also had to develop their own definitions, policies, procedures, and laws dealing with child abuse and neglect. With the amendment of 2003, states needed to include foster care, adoption, abandoned infants and family violence protection into their services.
Public Law 93-247 is supposed to guarantee a child’s safety when it comes to abuse and neglet. In cases where it is found out that a child has been abuse, the culprit must face the charges and the child in question must be protected of his rights and the details of the case must be confidential in his records. Public programs that are provided by the state must show results for the prevention, identification, and treatment of child abuse and neglect. The right kind of training materials on prevention, identify, and treating child abuse and neglect must be provided for professionals who are considering working with children.
When discipline is used correctly it can help guide somebody develop socially acceptable patterns of behavior. Discipline also teaches people about their mistakes, how to problem solve, and deal with their emotions in a correct way. Punishment is when the person who gives out the discipline, feels like the one being discipline has given a negative response to the discipline. Punishment c...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the child abuse prevention and treatment act (capta) came into effect on january 31, 1974. the law implemented the national center on child abuse and neglect.
  • Explains that public law 93-247 is supposed to guarantee a child’s safety when it comes to abuse and neglet.
  • Explains that discipline helps people develop socially acceptable patterns of behavior. punishment is when the person who gives out discipline feels like the one being disciplined has given a negative response to the discipline.
  • Explains that punishment does not teach children positive behaviors, but it does teaches how to be angry and violent. it can even lead to children growing up becoming aggressive adults.
  • Explains that discipline is all about reinforcing positive behaviors, such as giving out praises when a positive social behavior has been shown and encouraging to continue the behavior.
  • Explains that physical abuse is the most common form of abuse that is seen throughout the world and history.
  • Explains that emotional and verbal abuse can lead to a negative view of oneself, anger, shame, and even feeling like they are worthless human beings.
  • Explains that sexual activity between an adult and child is considered to be sexual abuse. individuals that have been sexually abuse can end up with mental and health problems.
  • Explains that neglect is an act in which an adult deprives or fails to meet the needs of their child, such as age-appropriate care, food, housing, clothes, supervision, medical treatment, and education.
  • Explains that psychological neglect is when a parent or care provider cannot or chooses not to contribute to their chid's psychological or emotionl needs such as attention and love. every child needs time, attention, and loving in order to having good developmental growth.
  • Recommends that programs use careful hiring practices to avoid accusations of abuse. programs should do a thorough background check on the pontential employee and look into their past working experience with children.
  • Opines that teachers should record any injuries that a child sustains, and how they manage to get those injuries. they also recommend purchasing liability insurance.
  • Explains the child abuse prevention and treatment act, public law 93-247, as amended, and the role of experiential avoidance in dating relationships.
  • Explains that "helen's bravery pays off." sunshine coast daily.
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