I Want to Study at the University of Texas Essay

I Want to Study at the University of Texas Essay

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Since the beginning, I’ve wished to subsist not only in the afterlife, but also through name. In essence, a man endures both a physical death and a psychological death, which entails that a person completely vanishes when his or her name is uttered for the last time. And thus I aim to make an impact that the world will never forget. Consequently, I’ve discovered a way to achieve this particular aim which will also coincide in accompany with personal goals of being a benefactor to society. As an imminent physical therapist, I yearn to principally restore the physical lives of fellow human beings, whether the person may be a wounded solider, accident victim, or an aging athlete. In general, I aspire to make a name for myself through philanthropic and altruistic deeds to society. Therefore, to make the dreams become reality, I have already taken measures that concur with my lifetime goals.
Over the course of four consecutive years, I have been in the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, also known as NJROTC. Cadets in this particular program face the utmost difficulty when attempting to acquire the self-discipline and inner strength to overcome formidable obstacles. After personally doing so, I have also obtained pride and self-esteem in the process, which are necessary qualities that will help transcend the difficult undertakings that are posed in physical therapy. Furthermore, as one of the best in nation, the unit constantly dedicates a multitude of days, hours, and minutes to preserve its long reign. In direct effect, this program has an instilled a high, resilient work ethic and relentless dedication that is essential to the long and arduous schooling and other challenges faced by future physicals therapists. Another ...

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...s such as the production of an autism awareness video, volunteering has personally demonstrated the fact that life is not fair and it is the duty of the people to make life as enjoyable as possible for the unfortunate. The act has not only enhanced my communicative and interpersonal skills, but the sheer smile and joy of others makes helping others a genuine experience that cannot be bought with any amount of money.
Clearly, measures have already been taken and goals have already been pursued. Having the distinct individual and leadership qualities of an outstanding NJROTC cadet, competitive outlook on life, and a diverse selection of volunteer activities are preemptive routes that I have followed to prepare in pursuing an occupation in physical therapy. Studying at the University of Texas is another simple, yet essential, phase of a successful and prosperous life.

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