I Am Wet By Robert Levy Essay

I Am Wet By Robert Levy Essay

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Robert Levy argued that feelings are not necessarily emotions. It all depends on the relationship between the person and something else. A feeling tends to provoke some sense of action. In addition, feeling is the physiological state of an individual, or something inside of that person. The example used in class is the statement, “I am wet.” We explained this by saying that the feeling is what happens when some part of a person’s body enters conscious awareness. Another example could be breathing. We do not spend our time consciously taking each breath. We just breathe without ever really noticing it, unless something happens, such as breathing harder than normal after running.
A feeling becomes an emotion if you understand it as being connected with the wider environment or other social relationships. Going back to the example of “I am wet”, a person could expand this into an emotion by saying, “I am wet because someone pushed me into the pond, and now I am angry with him or her.” Two people may have the same feeling, but it might or might not be an emotion. Emotions are feelings, but not all feelings are emotions.
On page 223 of the article, in section five, Levy discusses a model of emotion, with four steps. The first step is the appraisal of the eliciting situation. The second step is the conscious awareness of feeling, or the physiological response. This only occurs if the response is strong enough to enter into conscious awareness. This step is also the most biologically grounded, or universal, of the four steps. The third step if the cognitive evaluation of the feeling. This is the step when the feeling becomes the emotion. In other words, the feeling triggers the emotion. This is typically a matter of cultur...

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...gical basis of feeling, it is entirely possible for everyone to experience emotion in the same manner, but culture has an impact.
Levy argued for universal feelings, but never said that we all express emotions in the same manner. Gerber’s argument is that while we may all have a universal set of feelings, we may not experience emotion in the same way. Chapter 10 discussed how emotions are thought about differently in various cultures. While some researchers will argue that these emotions are universal, there seems to be little agreement, which makes me believe that there are not universal emotions, and that the theories about universal feelings are more accurate. I conclude by saying that all humans have the potential to experience emotions the same way due to a universal set of feelings, but culture intervenes and causes us to experience emotions in different ways.

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