Compare And Contrast Love And Hate

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Love and hate endure to be two extremely different emotions, yet there is an exceptionally thin line between love and hate. Nevertheless people can feel both of these emotions, and also show them in more ways than one. People ponder that these feelings remain exceedingly indistinguishable and others may feel they are exceptionally dissimilar. These two emotions can be seen and shown in a way that is effortless to recognize or uncommonly difficult to discern. Love and hate feelings and emotions can be long lasting or temporary. To compare love to hate would be nonsense in view of the fact that they are two totally different emotions. Love and hate prevail, they both prove more powerful than opposing forces. Two abundantly and similar yet extremely different feelings. Love, is a very caring and passionate feeling for another, hate is strongly disliking a character or a specific object which can also be with a passion of hatred. Love is an intensely powerful, extravagant feeling. Hate may also be very powerful. Love distinguishes itself from hate by caring extremely more for something...

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