Essay on I Am Interested From A Management Career

Essay on I Am Interested From A Management Career

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I am interested in a management career in education because I believe education is the most important societal challenge of the 21st century. The outcomes of other key challenges we face, such as healthcare, energy, and global security, will depend on people – an educated nation of healthy, functional adults that can respect themselves/others and successfully solve the problems they encounter in the world.

Although I have spent my career in engineering and business, my immediate family has been dedicated to education for more than a half century. My grandmother enrolled in college in 1946 to become a teacher. Since that time, teaching has been a passion for many other members of my family. Both of my parents and more than 10 of my aunts, uncles, and cousins have chosen education as a career path.

The value of a strong education was instilled in me from my family at a very young age. During high school I can recall visiting grandparents over the holidays and hearing one of my cousins proudly recount recently winning an individual Division I College National Championship. My grandfather, who was a sports fanatic, replied that a national championship was a nice accomplishment, but he was more interested in hearing about my cousin’s grades during the recent semester. Getting our education meant everything to him.

My father retired over a decade ago after more than 30 years of teaching in an urban, public school district. Before my parents retired, I would help out in their classrooms and learned firsthand about some of the struggles and opportunities facing school districts. The issues I observed were complex and my experiences hanging around schools as a kid gave me a unique perspective on our educational system.


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... and practical partnership with existing players to address successfully on a larger scale. Measuring teacher effectiveness, assuming it is done properly, and doing a better job holding teachers accountable is necessary, but it is not enough. Great schools need engaged parents, students, teachers, and politicians; many raindrops create a flood. Engagement of all parties requires disciplined management of and long-term commitment to both a continuous improvement culture and results.

My career so far has been spent on shaping cultures and improving processes to ensure that critical, technology-driven products – aircraft engines, computer chips, drugs that prevent blindness, etc. – do not fail. The skills and experiences I have acquired generating results have prepared me to help make a step-change impact in education, where we cannot afford to let students fail.

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