I Am A Teacher And An Individual Essay

I Am A Teacher And An Individual Essay

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As a future educator, there are qualities I must look inside myself for. Through this course I have discovered that there are many things that I did not know or had not taken into account when I embarked on this journey. As a future teacher of middle schoolers in America I will work tirelessly and reflect on my personal teaching philosophy that reflects my morals, values and ideals both as a teacher and an individual. I aspire to be someone that my students can look up to and to assist them as they become young adults and ultimately global citizens.

There are many things that I believe will help me become a better and more effective teacher. In all things, practice and passion make perfect. One of the standards I will hold myself to is to make sure that I will educate myself. As a teacher I hope to have the opportunities to make sure that my education on all matters it current and relevant so that I may be ready to teach students. Knowledge of principals, theories and research about students in this age group will guide me, making me more effective for my students. I have learned that what I bring into my classroom must be developmentally appropriate, conscious of my audience and challenging for my students.

Middle schools are a fairly modern concept. Traditionally schooling was set as first through eighth grade, followed by high school. The division of these schools was seen as necessary because of the unique changes that adolescents experience. I believe that it is my role as an educator to act as someone who can stand behind my students, support them, and work hard to ensure that they are being taken care of mentally and emotionally. As an advocate for my students I will be making sure that they a...

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... for myself in whichever school I work in. I hope to be a leader in my community and help get others involved. . I also hope that one day I will be able to return to school and learn how I can better educate and understand students with special needs, such as autism.

There are many qualities I think I possess that will help me as an educator. I am goal oriented, I am hard working, I understand the differences that I will see in my students, and most importantly, I will always care for and make my student’s needs a priority. While I am still developing myself as a teacher, I vehemently believe that I can make a difference in a student’s life, just as my past educators have done for me. I will strive to always be a reflexive educator, someone who not only looks ahead, but also to the past, as I think our own experiences sometimes make the best teachers.

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