Reflection Of A Future Teacher

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Coming into this class, I figured we would learn about how to handle different kinds of situations from a teacher’s standpoint. As it turns out, the class is much more than just that. I figured there would be group discussions consisting of some controversial issues, but I had no idea how the course would make me feel as a person and as a future educator. So far, this class has brought to light the incredibly difficult decisions I will have to make as a teacher. Not only will those decisions affect the child and parents of that child at hand, but myself as well. Being asked to write a personal story for each week has really guided my learning in the sense that I realized these problems such as social class, race and ethnicity, and gender take a toll on…show more content…
Respectful of them, their opinions, and their standpoints. I have witnessed first-hand how hard it is to agree with someone who shows no respect for you and vice versa. It happens everywhere, and I have learned that as a future teacher, that respect is vital. In order for my students to learn, and actively engage in my classes, I need to prove to them that I respect them as a person. I have seen that in class where some students have little to no respect for their peers. In addition, I have also experienced that. There was one instance where me and a few other girls were targeted for voicing our opinions on an issue. We were told by another student that we were wrong. It seemed that he refused to actually listen to us and let it settle with him. As a result of this, he got no cooperation from us. We had basically shut down. We felt vulnerable and refused to say anything for a little while being scared that he would make us feel belittled yet again. With that being said, I know now that it is not only important, but essential to show respect to anyone and everyone, and also that you receive it in
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