Educational Philosophy Statement

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Educational Philosophy

There have been many philosophies passed down through the years by many great educators. Views and opinions that have varied from individual to individual. Some ideas were widely accepted and others were not. I feel that it is important for every educator to obtain their own individual educational philosophy. An individual philosophy is good way to help an educator become grounded in what they believe and strive to make that philosophy happen in the classroom. It is a belief that should be strongly believed in and in the end have an impact on the people it is aimed for, which is the students. Over the last few years, I have developed a philosophy that I strongly believe in, because it has proven itself to me, and I want to prove it to others. The philosophy I have developed is that education is the key that opens the doors of opportunity and every student needs to understand the opportunities that await them with an education no matter who they may be.

First, who are the students? The students are a group of individuals who lack knowledge and understanding in particular areas. They are the teacher’s main focus. In my particular area of concentration, I will be dealing with younger children who, because of their lack of knowledge and understanding, have a certain nature. According to Rousseau, children have the tendency to be selfish and self-centered. As a teacher, you must first change this selfish nature by educating the student about the concept of sharing and giving to others, and then motivate the student to desire to follow the idea. The nature of students generally is at first to be self oriented, and this attitude can affect the learning process. This attitude of being self-centered can affect ...

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...en this causes the child to get frustrated and lose interest in an education. Also, in the elementary classroom there are areas that are of particular importance. These areas would include math, english, spelling and reading. I feel these areas should get the most concentration. These areas provide critical learning that students will use for the rest of their lives.

I feel the areas that I have touched in this paper along with my personal philosophy statement, reflect my views and opinions as a future educator. I have spoke about areas that are of importance to me, and ideas that I feel will make a difference in someone’s life. As a teacher, I truly want to make a difference and teach students the importance of an education, and the opportunities that are available to them. Education can take people places and I feel more people need to come to this realization.
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