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I Am A Better Teacher Essay

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Throughout this semester, I did a lot of professional development activities in order to learn how to become a better teacher. Through videos, articles, observing a classroom, and more, I really got a feel of what it takes to run a classroom. It takes a whole lot of dedication and hard work, and I feel like I learned a lot of very useful lessons that I hope to carry with me into my own classroom. Each activity introduced its own lessons and learning opportunities, and in this paper I will touch on just a few and how I hope to use them in the future to become a better educator.
The first thing I learned about being a good teacher, and probably the broadest lesson, is flexibility. I have known that flexibility is important in teaching, but a lot of these professional development activities definitely proved it to me. The free schools we learned about are a great example of this. In both the Sudbury Valley school and the Albany free school, flexibility is key to the way the students learn. There is no set schedule, so teachers have to be ready for just about anything. If a student decides that they want to learn math instead of playing outside, the teachers at these schools have to be flexible enough to accommodate to that request. Another example of flexibility came when I was tutoring my friend. I had not realized that teaching someone else one-on-one would require flexibility, but it really did. Sometimes we did not see things like each other, and I had to be flexible in the way I did the problems in order for us to both understand one another. The third activity that taught me flexibility was reading the article “The Real Reason Why Kids Fidget”. I found this one to be really interesting because it focused a lot on the physical ...

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...expect to still be a good teacher. You need flexibility for whatever your class will throw at you, as well as good listening skills so your students feel they always have a voice. Endless amounts of patience seem to be a necessity, especially with younger students. You never know what a student is going through, so always having a patient, open ear will do worlds of good. You must be willing to change your teaching style for students that learn in different ways in the class, and collaborate with other teachers in order to have the most impact while teaching. Finally, learning can happen anywhere. As a teacher, I can use that to my advantage. A class does not have to stay in the classroom to learn, and students do not have to be good at academics to still be considered successful. Overall, I want to use these lessons together in order to be the best teacher I can be.

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