My Professional Growth as a Teacher

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Develop teaching expertise is the part of proposition from NBPTS, specifically knowing the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students (1987). One of the methods is continue to pursue their professional development by joining a professional association or organization, attending a workshop, and reading a professional journal, website, or books. These ideas enhance teachers’ cognitive growth by enlarge information of the latest strategies or method, enhance cognitive growth, and learning to help the teachers to become expert in their teaching and influence on student learning. My stage of development would be proficient in all four domains and components of professional practice, however, few domains and components are my higher strength and the other areas are needed improvement. The four years of my teaching experience, I had the opportunity to be evaluated by my principle, and she used these four domains of professional practice. Through her expertise and suggestions, she provided guidance to develop and improve my skills in the stage of proficiency or to the expert stage. The classroom environment and professional responsibilities domains are my strength that I worked on past few years. Nevertheless, I am continually building more skills and foundation on components of planning and preparing for the content and instruction part. I work with different students need and learning styles every year, therefore I am continually learning the new strategies and information to help all my learners to success. Furthermore, I have been developing and working on improving in content, pedagogy, knowing student’s learning and self-knowledge areas. However, my weakness in knowledge areas is performing higher co... ... middle of paper ... ...o expand knowledge of subject matter is through read books, journals, and magazine, participate in professional development activities and attend conferences. The value of participating in professional associations and organization helps teacher to move towards expertise to become engaged, active, and passionate and connect to their students (Laureate Education, Inc., 2009). As the teacher enhance and grow in the professional development can have a greatly impact on student learning, “Expert teachers know more than novices and organize that knowledge differently, retrieve it easily, and apply it in novel and creative ways” (Garmston, 1998). Therefore, there is such a significant value of participating in professional development through joining association or organization to help teacher to grow in expert in teaching and making an impact on student learning.
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