What Is The Importance Of Professional Development

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The two I pick is observe and the assessing of a child’s behavior (1993, p. 5) the goals for this is to get more training on Teaching Strategies Gold so that I will be able to make an authentic observation on the children. To makes sure that my curriculum is age appropriate for the children. Take more classes to get more understanding on how to make these better for my children. The second one I have interest in is the establishing positive and productive relationships with the families (1993, p. 5). that I work with and the goal here is to keep on open communication with the families and no matter what to keep professional on whatever is said whether I like it or not. Example the other day I had a little boy’s mother come to my assistant …show more content…

You have to have the education or the experience with cultural, race, ethnic groups, socio-economic and language in the children who are diverse. The workforce needs to have a diverse in their roles as a teacher. The families need to be involved in the development of their child. The should take part in the child’s professional development. The professional development of children should prove their knowledge and the skills in their learning development. Providers are to organize their place for the child’s learning experience and that focuses on any problems in the place. The questions who, what, and how organizes the framework in the plan and the evaluating of the professional development. The focus of the who, what, and how is the framework of professionalism (Inclusion., 2008). This is to make Early Childhood Education and this is to help educators to have the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to work closely to the practitioners to help with improvements in classrooms and to make it more better with the children with disabilities and the families (Inclusion., 2008). The point that I had new insight from is the who because it states that most of the consultants, and the technical providers had a bachelor’s or a Master’s and the experience in teaching children in ECE and that was in a state wide survey. This goes to show us that you need a degree of some kind to work with children, and to be in a teaching position. I see that is why I cannot be in the position as a teacher till I get a

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