Hypertemsion and Prevention Essay

Hypertemsion and Prevention Essay

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Assessment of Learner: This group is somewhat knowledgeable about the information related to hypertension. The male participants knew the least information on high blood pressure and ways to prevent high blood pressure. Some were unsure if they were at risk for hypertension while others had a family history of hypertension. A few people had hypertension and had trouble keeping it under control. Most participants were at a point where they were motivated to change unhealthy behaviors related to hypertension. Individuals ages 30-50 years old. No barriers impeding behavior change was assessed.
Readiness to Learn: The participants were eager to learn about ways to prevent hypertension. Their motivation for attending the teaching session was to learn and understand ways to deal with high blood pressure. They had many questions, and came with an open mind to listen and receive hypertension education. Most individuals had college degrees, and the rest were current college students. This showed capabilities for learning and the ability to implement the information learned in their lives.
Developmental: The participants present recognized the need to improve their lifestyle in order to prevent hypertension. Those with risk for and hypertension have implemented changes in their eating habits, and started exercising. The individuals in this group are looking for improvement, because they recognize they are getting older and with age come dysfunctions in body functions.
Prevention of hypertension
Hypertension is defined as “repeatedly elevated blood pressure exceeding 140 over 90 mmHg -- a systolic pressure above 140 with a diastolic pressure above 90” (MedicineNet.com, 2000). A normal blood pressure is 120 over 80 mm...

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...o name a few factors. The male participants that had high blood pressure knew what to eat to decrease their blood pressure, but found it hard to resist the foods that contributed to their hypertension. The individuals with hypertension stated they check their blood pressure regularly, and will have their pressure checked at the end of the session.
As the teacher, this experience was a reminder of how simple steps can allow one to have a handle on hypertension. At first anxiety and nervousness took over, because of being fearful of speaking in front of an audience. Once the introduction was stated and lecture started to flow, the anxiety and nervousness began to subside. This experience was very rewarding, and the individuals were able to make new friends through this gathering. One hopes that this teaching session saved and prolonged these participants life.

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