Hunting Season - Original Writing Essay

Hunting Season - Original Writing Essay

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Do you ever think about what the sky looks like really early in the morning? Or if you can smell the fresh, wet, mildew smell on the grass? How about if the birds are chirping their sweetest noises? Or how cold the autumn breeze is? Or do you think to listen to the sounds of squirrels running up and down the trees lightning fast? Hunting season is the best when it comes to relaxing!
It’s 3:45 AM and I’m squinting my eyes when I wake up with the moon peeking through the window, I know that I have to wake up my dad and get the clothes that smell like dirt out of the dryer to get ready.I wake up my grumpy dad and give him his nature smelling clothes and tell him to get ready. While my dad gets ready, I try to kill time and pack the guns that smell like gunpowder from the season before. I pack the heavy ammunition, my gloves, hand warmers, my beanie, and some water bottles in my pack and it already feels like it weighs a ton. My dad packs our lunch and then our 20 minute timer is screeching letting us know that it’s almost time to go out. I have to go outside in the cold autumn air, where you can see your breath, and pack up the truck. I bring out my heavy pack, my gun, 3 heavy jackets, and whatever my dad needs to to bring out, I then turn on the truck and turn on the heat.
We get into the truck and head our way to Highland County. On the way there I stare out the window watching each different fence transition into a field or a busy highway as my dad 's country music is playing. I know when we get to Highland, because we always pass this little white church that could probably only hold 15 people. Once we pull into the rocky road to lead us out to our camp we have to unlock at least 3 fences that are really old and make a creakin...

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...trigger. I see the deer start running really fast, leaping through the meadows of the woods, and finally he collapses. I get out of the blind carefully and quietly tip-toeing to the deer so I do not interrupt my dad while he still is hunting. When I approach the deer, I tie his hind legs together and I try to drag this good 100 pound dear. My dad helps me drag the deer to gut out in the nasty, musty, smelling pit and after we are done we drag it to the barn where we fix it all up.
All that I just described is a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I love the sight of the sky early in the morning, the smell of the mildewy grass, the beautiful chirps from the birds, and the cold autumn breeze hitting my nose or even the squirrels running lightning fast up and down the trees. Those wonderful things from mother nature is so relaxing.

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