Persuasive Essay On Wild Hunting

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Conservationists and the ranchers that are having financial issues caring for their animals, without utilizing hunting, can take advantage of other resources to gain revenue. The ranch operators need to find alternatives to gain a source of income such as acquiring sponsors, donations, conducting guided tours or perhaps, providing educational programs. There are more humane methods of earning money than the killing of animals. Making use of the public's curiosity and interests is a resourceful tactic that can be very successful and beneficial to the economy.
In conclusion, captive hunting ranches exist and seem to thrive especially in the state of Texas. From primitive times, people have hunted as a means of survival although this is no longer the situation. Instead, hunters as participants in captive hunting ranches hunt for the thrill and do not necessarily respect life of the hunted animal. These hunters seem to care more about the trophy prize in the form of the mounted animal head rather than about respecting the life of the animal and honoring its features. The concept of "fair chase" in these canned hunts simply does not exist. To many hunters and the public at large, canned hunts occurring on private land is an artificially expensive manner of achieving something in name only. It cheapens the concept and challenge of hunting and respecting life for all it is worth. As man has dominion over other creatures, it is sad that the battle is lost. The right for survival and achievement should be inherently good. There are a whole host of other problems which have been mentioned. Care must be taken to ensure captive hunting occurs for the right reasons. Man can be no better than the hunted unless he thinks...

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...rpass the cruelty the animals are suffering through? There is a cost to bringing these animals
Also the proponents of these ranches justify this act by saying that shooting animals is a more humane method than allowing natural causes to take the animals. The reality is that trophy hunts really skew the natural breeding and population of a species. The weaker and more frail animals are the only ones left after the strongest ones are killed first.
For the true activists, a major point is that this is a really cruel and inhumane way of treating animals. Not only that, but the way these ranches are set up, there is a lack of regulation that eliminates the rights of these animals.
Nature has always been about the survival of the fittest, but the logic of the uses of these ranches eliminates the strongest. Through this process, animal behaviors have changed.
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