Why Is Hunting Important Essay

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From the perspective of economy, ecology, and environmental conservation, hunting is very important. Hunting is necessary to protect agriculture and the environment from animal pest or overpopulation. For example, wild boars tear up many farmers land causing many problems as well with the deer population growing eating away farmer’s resources. Also with the growth of white tail deer are damaging every landscape east of the Mississippi river. Unfortunately, the harm is very overlooked, and accepted as somehow “natural”. Over the last 30 years higher dear populations have made a more negative impact due to climate change. (“Is Hunting a Good Thing?”) Hunting was legalized in 1993 to help bring overabundant wild animal populations down. The legalization…show more content…
Hunting demonstrates the ability to protect and provide mainly referred to males providing their families with meat from the animals and protecting their land. (“Modern Hunters Are Stewards of Wildlife and the Environment.”) The economy today is very unsustainable and hunting is the key to feeding the hungry. (“Modern Hunters Are Stewards of Wildlife and the Environment.”) There are many food banks today that will accept the meat provided by animals and feed hungry organizations that cannot buy food themselves. What most people don’t know is most of the money used by hunters that go towards hunting licenses, hunting tags, and hunting lotteries to hunt in particular spots go to wildlife research and habitat protections in that hunters home state. With approximately 12.5 million hunters in the World today a lot more money gets sent to these organizations than people would ever think. Overall, hunting is a positive force because it provides an economic motive for maintaining wildlife habitats. This keeps animals in their own habitats and away from people and their homes as much as possible. Some see this sport very cruel and un-humane but overall it is helping this World out way more than people think. If we didn’t have people who hunt or knew how to hunt we would be very reliant on other foods. Such as farming fruits and vegetables, which could go extinct if something devastating happens. We wouldn’t have the protein and vitamins needed in the meat we eat. Hunting is very necessary, and everyone should know how to hunt or learn soon. It’s helpful now, and will be very helpful in the future if there is a reason we can’t rely on cattle for meat anymore. We will have to figure out other ways to get meat, and without hunting it is very unlikely that
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