Essay on The Hunger Of The World Hunger Program

Essay on The Hunger Of The World Hunger Program

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carried off by rivers and dumped into bays and gulfs. The nutrients present in the waste causes algal blooms that use up the oxygen within the water, hence creating dead zones. On this Earth, more than twenty seven thousand miles of river has been contaminated by livestock waste (“Meat”, 13), but it’s not only the waterways that run through this Earth that has been affected. Ever since civilization came to be, acres of forest have been cleared for agriculture, domesticated animals and plants alike. But, farm animals take much more land than crops. At Brown University, the World Hunger Program calculated that, with an equal amount of land provided to both parties, a vegetarian diet could support six billion people compared to a meat rich diet that could only support two point six billion people. With the population of humans already being over six billion, the only viable option in keeping up with a meat based diet would be to clear more forest area (“Meat”, 12). Every minute, 80% of the 2000 trees located in the Amazon rainforest that are being lost to deforestation are to make room for cattle production (Dolmage). More so, as an increasing amount of forest land disappears, so does the biodiversity that accompanies it.
Beyond the deforestation, the destruction of waterways, and the creation of oceanic dead zones, there an imminent complication is revealed. Not only is it domesticated animals that are being used as meat for consumption, but also creatures varying from elephants to chimpanzees and birds, this group of animals are known as bush meat. For generations, bush meat has acted as a constant source of food for the communities of Central Africa, but as the human population steadily continues to grow as the years go by the tra...

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... time carnivores will come to a crossroads, where altering humanity’s diet may become as necessary as reducing our traveling time or the insulating of our homes. The human population will gradually increase over the years and as displayed in the evidence above, a meat based diet has already put a dangerous amount of stress in the water, energy, and land resources. Therefore, with more people comes the responsibility to divide the already limited supply of the world’s resources, plus the increased severity of the consequences that follows the continuation of mainly focusing a meat based diet. If the world makes this switch concerning their eating habits, the copious amounts of water, agricultural, and land resources that are depleting due to the consumption by animals could be prompted to a standstill. Individuals can make a change by altering their dinner plates.

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