Poverty: The Silent Killer

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Poverty, also know as the “silent killer” (Causes of Poverty), exists in every corner of the world. The death rate of poor children is a staggering number; about 9 million die each year. Some view poverty as people not being able to afford an occupational meal or having to skip a meal to save money. This isn’t true poverty; poverty is where people live on $1.25 or less a day. According to Causes of Poverty, 1.4 billion people live like this. Even more shocking than the last statistic is that half of the world’s population lives on $2.50 per day. Living the life of poverty is like living on a rapid downward spinning spiral towards failure. If you were born into poverty there is a slim chance of you making a brighter future for yourself. IN some countries, especially Africa, they have a law that states if you’re contagious then you can’t go to school. Most kids in poverty are chronically ill, therefore seldom going to get an education. The lack of education is a major difficulty for these children later in life. According to Causes of Poverty, over 101 million children aren’t attending school. Out of these 101 million only a scarce number will be given the opportunity to work. However, most when seeking a job will be rejected die to the lack of education. Children aren’t the only ones who see a atrocious future, adults do too. Insufficient education isn’t the only thing that hurts poverty stricken people the absence of the basic fundamental skills is a huge burden. Around the world, there are about one billion people that are illiterate. Not retaining the skills to read or write is a huge disadvantage. People will try to take mastery of you because you’re rubbish to the upper to middle class. Growing up in pove... ... middle of paper ... ...ving a government and a parliament system. Although Afghanistan still remains the poorest, they hope to get ride of that name. Poverty won’t end in a flash; it will take time and patients. To end poverty it will take help from every ethnicity. Jeffery Sachs predicts that poverty could end as soon as 2025. Countries are already trying to get free healthcare for everyone, but they are having a hard time getting everyone to agree on the bill. Some say, “why change what’s not broken.” But the truth is that the system is broken, yes it helps the ones who can afford it but not the ones with limited resources. Emphasized earlier eliminating poverty will take time, but it can happen. As Nelson Mandela pointed out “like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.

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