The Humanities : An Amazing Source Of Practical Information About The World Around Us

The Humanities : An Amazing Source Of Practical Information About The World Around Us

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R. Howard Bloch once stated, “The humanities are an incredible source of practical information about the world around us”. The study of humanities has affected the life of every individual to walk the earth at some point in time; It seems sort of outrageous but it’s true. From art and literature to architecture and music, the humanities is present in our everyday lives. Its importance is often underestimated but in reality, it is extremely important to our existence. In fact, before entering my first humanities class I didn’t realize how important or interesting humanities was. After learning about how art, specifically, has changed over time, I find myself eager to learn more. The benefits of studying humanities includes: aiding individuals in better understanding other cultures or philosophies while sharpening communication skills, helping to blossom democracy and encouraging us to be moral and righteous human beings.
To begin with, Richard J. Franke, author of, The Power of Humanities and a Challenge to Humanists, backs up how the study of humanities benefits us with the comprehension of cultures and philosophies. Franke states, “The humanities are fundamentally about representation: the representation of ideas, emotions, and cultures. By studying the most powerful and imaginative forms of representation, we refine our communication skills, sharpen our critical faculties, and consider new ways of thinking. More- over, as new markets emerge, knowledge of different cultures, histories, and values becomes essential for success,” (Franke, 19). Franke is completely right when stating this. Without the study of humanities we would be completely lost about other places, regions and people. Ideas and facts have been passed down over ...

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...f humanities that interests, neoclassical architecture takes the cake. La Madeleine, located in Paris, France is a beautiful form of architecture that people travel near and far to see. Not only have I personally visited this beautiful Roman Catholic church but I am also aware that it is incredibly historic. Founded in 1182 by Napoleon and Maurice de Sully, La Madeleine relates to our humanities class because we recently discussed the neoclassical era and all of its architecture. At 66 feet tall, this Roman temple is Neo-Classical and has 52 columns and a wide arch which is an important factor in this type of architecture.
Furthermore, life without humanities would be flat out boring. The best way to put it is earth without art is just, “eh”. Although some people enjoy it more than others, the study of humanities and its importance on earth is undeniably essential.

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