Persuasive Essay On Fine Art Education

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In the United States, fine art education in public schools have been a controversial topic for years. Due to fundings, imagine your child had to choose between art or math. Well of course a parent would choose a math course because they would not survive society in their future without counting. Although, fine art gives an opportunity for a student to express themselves with their thoughts and feelings through the participation of the fine arts. As in today’s society everything is consider “art”. That everything could be in fashion styles to the structures of building such as the Space Needle in Seattle. Additionally, fine art requires to perform works of music, sculptures, dances, drama, and visual arts as well as composing and producing. Fine art has improved over the years. Fine art has thirteen categories of art. Painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry with performing arts such as theatre are fine main arts in history. Although, today’s generation has to do with filming, photography, video editing, design,…show more content…
According to Matt Phifer, sixty-eight percent of fine art education in New York’s public schools were getting cut. The outbreak was distributed all across the United States sufficiently to get better standardized test results. Each government has their own priorities for education. In California, the government’s highest priorities are math and reading, which abandons the art education in the dark. The budget cuts in fine art education are disposed of Americas’ children socially, emotionally, and academically. When budget cuts force education services to diminish many possibilities for pupils, their learning is often devastated. For instance, a school that suffering from high budgets and a student who is also suffering with a low-income family needs more attention with their education because they cannot provide equivalent education like other students around the same
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