Humanism and The Teaching and Learning Process Essay

Humanism and The Teaching and Learning Process Essay

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By analysing both negative and positive behaviours using my own experiences and observations, I will describe the effects and impact it had on students and their learning outcomes. Reflecting on this process will help me to analyse their response to different environmental and behavioural situations within the classroom. By developing strategies based around the three main theories of learning, I will explain how to use these methods to manage learner's behaviour and influence the learning environment.
By identifying the main features of the current legislation and implementing my own organisational policies for managing learner behaviour, I will give a brief description on how this impacts on students and the learning environment by outlining the strengths and weaknesses and giving suggestions for improvement.
When considering different strategies to improve and help the learning environment within the classroom, Geoff Petty argued that 'order in the classroom was created by a combination of four factors: effective lessons on a well-conceived curriculum, good organisational skills, good teacher-student relationship and effective discipline (Perry 2009:110)’. I will analyse how to create positive behaviour by using effective class room management techniques to develop positive peer group pressure and healthy group dynamics reducing disruptive behaviours. Using my experience I will analyse behaviour and describe the effects and impact it has on learning and the learner’s outcome.

The learner's had completed the first year of this course and were interested in the subject. They arrived on time with the necessary equipment. The subject I taught was computer maintenance and networking. They were all adults and interested in bu...

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... within statutory safe ranges. This Act aims to minimise the chances of accidents and injury, and where accidents do occur, provide quick and effective response to minimise further injury and death. For instance, multi-storey buildings must provide a means of effective evacuation for people with disabilities in event of fire.

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