The Human Resource Management Of Accor Hotels Essay

The Human Resource Management Of Accor Hotels Essay

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Accor Hotel
Accor Hotels is a multinational hotel group which owns, operates and franchises over 3700 in 92 countries representing several different brand names. The brands they represent range from budget, economy to five star accommodation. This hotel group is classed as a large organisation, they call their Human Resource department Talent and Culture this department consists of managers and staff who 's main focus is the Human Resource Management roles and responsibility. The Human Resource role and responsibility within the Accor company is the human resource manager as it a large business, this department supports business and running of the business. The human resource manager is responsible for employee engagement, employee relations, recruitment and selection, health and safety and legislation.
The recruitment process for Accor Hotels is almost completely based on the candidate 's personality and someone who meets their company values. Accor Hotels now use social media as they have pages on several different social medias dedicated to people who are wishing to work with the Accor group. The Accor group doesn’t have a set recruitment process specific induction and training processes used for all employees. Their induction process is split up into three steps which are induction, orientation and onboarding. These three steps involve the employee getting to know the business and getting them settled into their new roles. The training process which Accor call the employee journey includes 70% practical on the job training, 20% coaching and mentoring the new employee and 10% formal learning which is to be done in the employees own time.

Some challenges that the Accor company 's Human Resource departments may encounter a...

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...mpared to Skyline.
Accor Hotels and Skyline Skyrides challenges for the human resource department they have to overcome are very different for each company. For Accor Hotels their challenge is finding affordable accommodation for their staff but they have overcome this challenge by recruiting staff who are already living in Queenstown and have stable accommodation. Accor Hotels other challenge was keeping up with technology to make sure they are meeting their customers expectations, well still giving each customer individualized attention. For Skyline Skyrides the only really challenge that they have is that they have find it hard to find affordable accommodation for their staff working entry level roles, so this results in a large number of their staff resigning. Their first challenge is similar to Accor Hotels first problem they just havent overcome this yet.

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