Human Resource Challenges: Current and Future Issues

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Human Resources Challenges: Current and Future Issues

According to the author, Human Resource is the “practices and policies needed to perform the personnel aspects of a managerial job” (Dessler, 2011, p. 2). Generally, HR focuses on state and federal laws as well as company responsibilities such as staff benefits and payroll and the hiring or termination of employees. In addition to concentrating on the workforce of a company, the HR manager works cohesively with other members of management. Usually collaborations with other managers lead to the development of strategic planning for training or advancement of company objectives.

Current Challenges of Human Resources

In the past HR job responsibilities consisted of a basic role of dealing with employees and administrative assignments. For example, human resource managers primarily concentrated on calculating personal and sick days of workers and payroll. However, times have changed many HR specialists have various roles to perform and departments to operate. Usually, these individuals must balance their enthusiasm for the workforce as well as the organization who is their employer. Nevertheless, when fresh challenges arise and organizations must implement new programs or procedures the HR manager is the first to usher in the tide of change.

Some of the current challenges faced by HR are the efficiency of human resources, leadership development, and organizational change management. The first challenge of an HR professional is organizational change management. Organizational change is a process in which an organization undergoes a transition or transformation. Usually during this transitional period, factors that are internal and external can affect the...

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...pecialist will continue to change.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that hr focuses on state and federal laws as well as company responsibilities such as staff benefits and payroll and the hiring or termination of employees.
  • Explains that human resources represent the evolution of organizational transformation. their ability to implement change, influence policies and procedures, and keep inventory on human capital plays a vital part in organizational success.
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